Travel Photography

Travel Photography · 11. luglio 2019
Since I became passionate about photography and combined the love of travel and the camera, my way of seeing things has totally changed. Although I have been here a while ago it seems to me that I have never seen this place. Walking for miles, turning around, waiting, getting lost, talking to people, have made these ten days truly incredible.
Travel Photography · 13. maggio 2019
In Lipsi there is no airport, no hospital, very few inhabitants, and when I took these pictures in 2018 (I didn't have the Reflex yet), mass tourism had not arrived yet at the end of June. Here you come to stay in peace, explore the island and enjoy the blue sea together with the splendid Greek sun.
Travel Photography · 12. maggio 2019
I know. When we imagine Spain and especially Andalusia, we immediately think of Seville, the flamenco, the monuments of this city and how all this can kidnap you and make you fall in love.
Travel Photography · 12. maggio 2019
You can well see. The quality of the photo is not the same as a Reflex but last February, when I was in this divine place, I still didn't have my Canon with me. When technology doesn't help you, the places think about making some photos extraordinary. For everything else there are the memories that we keep in our hearts.