Other kind of photography

Other kind of photography · 16. settembre 2019
Girl talk with a boy closa a fountain in Milan
It often happens to be around to take other kinds of photos but, suddenly, you see interesting people or with beautiful and colorful clothes that you want to photograph. To be fair and even by law, you cannot publish photos of people without a release, so I will try to make the characters in these images unrecognizable as much as possible, and obviously I could not even stop them for verbal consent.
Other kind of photography · 03. agosto 2019
There are photos of different types of photos: those that look beautiful to you, those that you like very much and those that are successful but that are not needed for any article or cannot be sold. This is why I decided to dedicate an article to the photos of the third category: those that I liked and seemed to have succeeded but of which I didn't know what to do.
Other kind of photography · 12. maggio 2019
The most beautiful thing, when you learn to photograph, is to discover day after day, how many things you can do with your Reflex. You start flipping through some books on photography, buying new lenses and of course a tripod for the camera.