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Cities and places · 21. ottobre 2019
I know, maybe entering this page you would have expected photos of the castle or the Danube or maybe both. Perhaps you will find some but walking through the city you will discover that there are so many wonderful corners that, before coming here, you didn't even imagine.
Cities and places · 22. giugno 2019
You know, when you try something for the first time you are full of enthusiasm and without brakes but you also risk making several mistakes. I already know that, looking at these photos in a few years, when I'm more skilled and experienced, I will probably find many flaws.
Cities and places · 11. giugno 2019
When you arrive in Frankfurt you immediately notice the very tall skyscrapers that have earned this German city the nickname "Mainhattan" (Main, the Main, is the river that runs through it). In reality, behind the banks, the great work and the many construction sites that seem to compete among those who will arrive higher to build the next tower or the next skyscraper, there is a lot of green, consisting of endless forests outside the city, a riverfront, the Main,
Cities and places · 02. giugno 2019
I read, in a photography book, that to learn how to take pictures, after buying a reflex and some good lens, one of the best things to do is to start traveling around your city trying to see it differently. Walking, photographing and capturing different moments and angles you can admire new and old things from a place from which you could have passed dozens of times.
Cities and places · 26. maggio 2019
There will have happened those nights when the weather is cloudy and, although you want to take some nice pictures at sunset, then you find yourself around and take pictures here and there, hoping that "the perfect photo" will come out ...