Abandoned shed in a frozen field
Abandoned shed in a frozen field

When winter comes, the colors may become a little more monotonous, but not less brilliant and fascinating than in summer... Silence reigns supreme and frost invades every place, making the landscape wonderful and evocative.

This shed left empty and unattended, is surrounded by meadows frozen on a cold morning in early December ...
He would like to ask himself what his past was and what life he lived, right now that everything seems to stand still, frozen and frozen by the cold of winter and the time that has stopped since the moment when this photograph blocked everything in this instant

Trees ... and a meadow in the background that is slowly flooded by the mild December sun.
The beauty of winter is also in seeing the slowness with which the sun melts the ice on the fields every day, leaving other areas frozen ... And photography enjoys these wonderful contrasts

leaves frozen in a cold winter morning
leaves frozen in a cold winter morning

If the trees and buildings are at the mercy of the cold, these small leaves certainly cannot defend themselves from the night frost that is raging on the fields.
But despite this, they do not lose their charm, indeed, the white that covers this green vegetation, gives them a unique and particular charm

I took a lot of photos this morning but I only liked these two enough to want to publish them here on the site ...
After the snowfall of you here it is still all white and the ice has become the main protagonist ...
Fortunately, a beautiful sun came out today!

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