People around

It often happens to be around to take other kinds of photos but, suddenly, you see interesting people or with beautiful and colorful clothes that you want to photograph.
To be fair and even by law, you cannot publish photos of people without a release, so I will try to make the characters in these images unrecognizable as much as possible, and obviously I could not even stop them for verbal consent.


The girl and the fountain ( Black and white)

Girl talk with a boy closa a fountain in Milan

On a sunny morning everyone runs to the station.
There is a man with a briefcase, another with a scooter and a fast-moving crowd

In the order. From left to right and from top to bottom:
A man walks with his work bag. At about the same point, a girl, bathed in sunlight, walks quickly towards the station.
Here I applied the effect "motion blur of photoshop because there were so many recognizable features (backpack, tattoo and hair).
The ring road at sunset. The moon takes its place in the sky creating a beautiful effect. There was no way to stop among the tallest buildings in the city. The picture would have been better, I think.
Finally, bike at sunset on the bike path while the cars in queues wait for the traffic to be disposed of.

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