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When I choose a trip, one of the things I take into consideration, before leaving, is the type of food and cuisine of the country I am about to visit.
It is true that every place has something to discover, but some places have truly unique culinary traditions and sometimes it is nice to come back to taste some dishes.

On this page I would still like to tell images and words, the dishes and traditions of the places I visited, even if they were 5 km from home (I will try to push myself to a few thousand kilometers further, I hope!)

PS: most of the photos are vignette to cover restaurant names or useless objects. For the moment I am not paid to advertise anyone, although many would deserve it, I do not find it fair to put the names of some and not others.

 grilled squid, fries, tomatoes, salad and  draft beer.

Prepare yourself. In this article you will see many photos of fish. In addition to worshiping the sea, I love its fruits, its fragrances and everything it produces. In the right amount of course.
This is a grilled squid, fries, tomatoes, salad and the inevitable draft beer.

Greek salad with draft beer

Also from Greece, a very traditional dish: the famous Greek salad that, at least on the last trip, I saw done in different ways and colors. Here with peppers, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, black olives and the inevitable Greek feta, the excellent local cheese.

Toast with fries ant tomato

I know it's just a toas with lots of chips in the middle and a jar of ketchup but when I ordered it before leaving thinking of eating something light, I never expected so much care in a simple toast. Draft beer, free ice water and a great toast in front of the sea

Greek gyros, pita, tomatoes, onions and draft beer

Chicken Gyros on the plate: made with the typical Greek pita, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki and lots of good taste ...
Unmissable fresh draft beer

grilled squid, with draft beer, some bread and sea view

Here I wanted to give a glimpse of the panorama because, sometimes it is nice to treat yourself to a lunch with a sea view. When you have to eat early or come back late from some excursion and find the restaurants almost empty, you can choose where to sit and eat calmly observing the sea.
Still grilled squid, with draft beer, some bread and my sea of course

modern greek salad, draft beer and pita

A Greek salad in a modern key. Very beautiful to look at but perhaps not as rich as the traditional one.
Different varieties of cherry tomatoes (green and red), croutons, all accompanied by the usual Greek pita.
But it was already 3:40 pm and find a good restaurant that would prepare me something was a relief!

souvlaki, fries,rise, tomato and pita

Souvlaki is another very popular dish in Greece. Here the skewer is composed of a mixture of chicken and pork, with a side of fries, tomato, rice, Greek pita and tzatziki

roman calamari and red wine

Roman calamari in the Canary version.
I know that white wine is preferable with fish, but after a first taste, this was so good that I couldn't do without it

creamy chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries and Baileys cream in  puff pastry

I will do everything possible to find the name of this divine Lanzarote dessert tasted last February.
In the meantime I will delight you with this photo and its ingredients that I certainly can't forget:
creamy chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries and Baileys cream to make this sort of puff pastry slightly alcoholic.

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