Walking around Milan and surroundings

Duomo of Milan, Piazza Duomo
Duomo of Milan, Piazza Duomo

You know, when you try something for the first time you are full of enthusiasm and without brakes but you also risk making several mistakes.
I already know that, looking at these photos in a few years, when I'm more skilled and experienced, I will probably find many flaws.

I rented a wide-angle Sigma 12-24mm f/4 DG HSM Art mm knowing I had to stay in Milan a few hours after work (I took the pictures between 6pm and 11pm and the following day around 8am)

Going in chronological order, therefore, that you arrive here by plane or train, this will be one of the first places you will see in the city ( photo below)

Train Frecciarossa in Milano centrale station
Milano Centrale railway station

From red to green.
From the red color of the high-speed trains, it goes down underground in the M2 metro line (green)

Metro stop of Milano Centrale FS
Metro stop of Milano Centrale FS

The Milanese, as we know, always run and are in a hurry, so public transport must be fast so as not to risk congesting the already heavily blocked traffic.
Here is one of the symbols of the city and of the "movement": the historic Milanese tram

Historic tram in Milan
Historic tram in Milan

From the historic center to the newer part of the city, where Big towers and skyscrapers look down on the city

Skycrapers in Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milan
Piazza Gae Aulenti: Skycrapers

... and as the sun goes down and illuminates the streets, the buildings and the cars whizzing, we walk slowly through the city

We are back in the center, where we come across another "shared public transport" widely used for traveling around the city: the bicycle.
In the evening it takes on interesting colors.

Bike sharing in Milano Duomo
Bike sharing in Milano Duomo

When you arrive in Piazza Duomo, apart from the Duomo, you can't miss the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, another "monument" of the city. I tried to capture part of the roof. Everything else seemed too big even for a wide angle. Or better. For an amateur like me.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele: Roof
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele: Roof

The night is still long and, despite being late, tourists and inhabitants of the city crowd the bars, squares and streets despite the midweek day.
As I go back, I walk through Corso Buenos Aires and it is inevitable not to be struck by the lights of Porta Venezia

Milan: photo of  Porta Venezia by night
Milan: Porta Venezia by night

When one day ends, then another begins again.Since I started taking pictures and bought the new reflex, every day is more beautiful, I get up with more enthusiasm and the idea of taking new pictures, seeing everything with a different eye, makes me happy. Even in a city that "I think I know"Milan, passing by the Sforzesco castle in the morning

Man running in front of fountain of Sforzesco Castel of Milan
Fountain of Milan Sforzesco Castel


To conclude, this Sigma wide-angle lens is really wonderful (I speak for myself that I tried one for the first time)
It's a bit "heavy" to carry so many hours around but maybe, a professional photographer is used to a lot more (I saw really huge 600 mm lenses in the store for example!)
It is very bright, simple to use, quiet and, with a little time, can be used to make fantastic photos.
Clear that even the price is not cheap, if, like me, you decide to start.
Meanwhile, I had an idea and I fell in love a little.

Update August 2019
Over time we always visit new places, see and photograph so many things.
Not always everything is perfect, but a city where I had never stopped that pleasantly struck me was Lecco.
Less than an hour by train from Milan, with its lake, the quiet atmospheres (at least in August) and beautiful views to photograph, this small town nestled between lake and mountains has turned out to be an ideal place to take some pictures at sunset. evening.




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