Lights and colors of Frankfurt

Frankfurt: bridge lit up in the evening
Bridge over the river Main at the entrance to the historic center

When you arrive in Frankfurt you immediately notice the very tall skyscrapers that have earned this German city the nickname "Mainhattan" (Main, the Main, is the river that runs through it). In reality, behind the banks, the great work and the many construction sites that seem to compete among those who will arrive higher to build the next tower or the next skyscraper, there is a lot of green, consisting of endless forests outside the city, a riverfront, the Main, full of life on summer evenings and the well-preserved historic center to admire.

Yeah, because if you don't really like the huge glass buildings of hundreds of floors, then a nice walk along the river admiring the evening lights and the city skyline could take on a romantic meaning.

Römer of Frankfurt
Römer: one of the symbols of the city.

The Römer, built in the 1400s, is the old town hall of the German city. Once emperors were elected and crowned here. Today it is the registry office and the mayor.

People walking on the Frankfurt riverfront
Frankfurt riverfront in the evening

The Frankfurt riverfront, the summer evenings lives and is filled with so many people. Bicycles, runners and, above all, hundreds of small groups of friends who stay on the grass or on the shore to spend the evening in company.

Tables in a bar on the riverfront
Tables in a bar on the riverfront.

When the night slowly falls, the locals empty, but the lights do not go out ... not yet ...

The "Iron bridge" over the River Main
The "Iron bridge" over the River Main
Cars at an intersection of buildings at night, trails of lights
Lights and light trails in the streets of the city
dawn, colorful sky and palace
5.20 am: dawn of the following day. The sun is rising behind a large city building.

Three emblematic images of the German night:

     1.The illuminated iron bridge that seems to never want to switch off while a car is speeding (below) leaving a short trail.
     2.The last cars still around the city that illuminate with their wakes (here I left the shutter open 20 "while I waited for the red light)
     3.The sunrise. The first light of morning and some neon still lit (or forgotten) in the enormous palace that covers the sky.

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