Bologna...in my opinion

Bologna, Bicycles lined up and boy on the skate
Bologna: Overpass on the railway, Via Giacomo Matteotti

I read, in a photography book, that to learn how to take pictures, after buying a reflex and some good lens, one of the best things to do is to start traveling around your city trying to see it differently.
Walking, photographing and capturing different moments and angles you can admire new and old things from a place from which you could have passed dozens of times.

Bologna should not have secrets for those who, like me, were born there and saw and reviewed dozens of times.
However, never was I ever thought of stopping to photograph the corners of my city, climb to the top of the towers, stay on the bridges waiting for a bike to pass, a train, a bus.

clock with blue sky background
Bologna: Railwaystation clock on the Via Matteotti overpass

In practice, a journey that you would normally take in an hour and a half, in this way, could take you almost four hours.
A bit like it happened today, including stops to change the lens, choosing longer routes, other stops to look for better angles, ascents and descents from the towers.

But Bologna is like this, to be admired in all its beauty, with the Saturday shopping crowd, the "piazzola", the open-air market in Piazza VIII Agosto and all its famous monuments that you certainly don't have in one day. time to see!

These three images would not need description but for those who had never seen Bologna ...
From left: San Petronio, the immense city cathedral in Piazza Maggiore. A city tradition says that if you are graduating, you should not cross this square diagonally. Until graduation day of course!
In the photo in the middle the symbol of Bologna (after the tortellini clearly!). The Torre degli Asinelli, with the Garisenda next to it (covered in this photo).
The third photo, on the other hand, says a lot about how Bologna is also a city of water with its underground channels that can be seen from some small windows and some small bridges.

Bologna, Piazza VIII agosto, La piazzola
Bologna: Piazza VIII Agosto Open Market, Piazzola

If you are Bolognese or you have been here every now and then you will have been here at least once in your life. The sea of stalls that crowds Piazza VIII Agosto every Friday and Saturday, is an opportunity to buy clothes, food or any type of object.

Two shots that tell a lot about Bologna.
In the first photo on the left one of the main streets of the historic center: Via indipendenza. This street connects the "Viali" in the area of the central station and the bus station to Piazza Maggiore, Piazza del Nettuno and Via Ugo Bassi and is considered a very important shopping street.
The second photo instead depicts Piazza Galvani seen from the panoramic terrace of San Petronio, about 50 meters high. The terrace, which can be accessed from Piazza Galvani, was created to finance the San Petronio renovation project, which should be completed at the beginning of 2020. Until then, you can go up high and admire Bologna paying only € 3 for entry.

Portici and road to the city in Bologna
View of Bologna and Portici

When someone makes a vow, here in Bologna, he generally says: "if all goes well / if I can, then I go up to San Luca on foot"

 There is nothing nicer to admire the city and above all the stadium from above in the final stretch before arriving at the Arco del Meloncello which opens the doors of via Saragozza and slowly the ones of the city.





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