Strange evening: photographing between city and hills

road roundabout, cars pass and leave trails of lights
ISO 100, 4", F 5,6

There will have happened those nights when the weather is cloudy and, although you want to take some nice pictures at sunset, then you find yourself around and take pictures here and there, hoping that "the perfect photo" will come out ...
Here is the summary of an evening around, among dozens and dozens of useless photos. And fortunately there are no longer the old photographic rolls.

In the first photo, a roundabout, on a fairly busy road, approx. 9 pm. It was going to start raining so I didn't use the tripod to avoid getting wet. I didn't think I could keep the camera so still!

Evening sky with clouds and street lights
ISO 100, 1/50, F 5,6

Here we are a few minutes later and the sky was getting thinner. The evening is now making its appearance and the street lights illuminate the city. The sky is the main object of the photo and the lights that make up the "picture" all the rest...

ruined house in the hills among the trees
ISO 100, 1/160, F 5,6

Of all the photos I took at the top of the hill (before arriving at the roundabout above), I chose this one, which I then modified with photoshop express, giving it an "antique" look. The ruined house on top of the hill, surrounded by trees, brambles and weeds, has a romantic but at the same time dominant appearance.
Who knows what his past hides? Perhaps here, at this moment, 50 years ago, there was a lot of life and a lot of people around there...

sunset in the mountains with wind turbines
ISO 100 F11 1/1250 (214.0mm)

From this weekend I have a  new  lens, or better, a lens used: a wonderful Sigma 120-400 mm f / 4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM.These are the very first photos I take with this wonderful object and, I must admit, it seems to have a new camera, even if the total weight has increased a lot.But it was worth it! I can't wait to make another trip to try it around the world.

Anyway. Three photos of this evening in the mountains a few kilometers from here. The Passo della Raticosa, in August and in the summer period, becomes a refuge for those looking for a little fresh and trying to escape from the heat of the city.
We are about 1000 m above sea level a few minutes from the border between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany.
Photo 1: the road is empty but, a little further on, the bar of the refuge is full of people. Better this way. I took some pictures calmly.
Photo 2: I have passed through here hundreds of times but I have never stopped to photograph this cross at the top of the mountain. The sunset has made it more suggestive. Who knows. One day I will understand how to reach it!
Photo 3: Here I reassembled the 18-55 mm to make some bright strips.
I'll be back to make them better with the next summer heats hoping to find the parking lot a little more empty.

18th August 2019

One of the many things I am learning in the long journey of learning about photography is that, often, it is good to go back to the same places where you have already been even though this may seem boring.
An unexpected event, different colors or something that may not have been noticed, can radically change the photos you take the previous time. Or maybe just the fact that you have gotten better over time.
Now, not much time has passed from the 4 previous photos but, apart from the fixed objects (the wind turbines) and a couple of kilometers that have changed the view, this time the difference has been a lot.
Of colors I mean.

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