Insects and animals

photo of a bee on a flower
ISO 100, 1/1000. F 5,6

Sometimes it seems easy to take a picture like that because you just need to settle in front of the flower, wait for the bee and ... click! Here's the picture! But no, today, although there were so many bees around this huge Allium flower, it was impossible to stop them. And then, the autofocus that went mad, the bees fighting over close-ups ... but in the end here is the first photo of this topic!

Dog watchin' the camera
Rambo: my sister's dog

with some animals it is almost more difficult than with the bee: they never stand still, jump, move and shake continuously.
However in the end a photo came, even though with the wide angle I was feeling, Rambo, my sister's dog, seems a little smaller

butterfly colored in Rhodes, Greece

A colorful butterfly in the countryside of Rhodes, Greece. I had to chase it for a while but in the end, it finally decided to settle on a flower and let it take pictures

Greek cat in Kos, Greece. Close-up

Close up of a Greek cat. He looked tired and bored, so it was not difficult to photograph him while he rested along an ancient road inside an archaeological site in Kos

A Greek dog, suddenly emerged from a field, protected by a gate. I think it was the watchdog but it seemed too good to bite anyone.

The crow and the seagull. The undisturbed masters of the Mediterranean skies. And of the sea clearly

bee flies over a flower

At the height of summer, bees are still searching for pollen present in colorful flowers at the end of July.
Here a bee approaches a zinnia looking for the best place to "land"

Cormorant on the grass al the Mouth of the Bevano River
Cormorant at mouth of the Bevano River

When I saw this splendid cormorant landing in the garden of the Visitor Center of the Cubo Magico of the Bevanella, at the mouth of the Bevano river, near Lido di Classe, I thought it was just passing through.
The many cyclists who stopped to look at him, on the other hand, told me about how he used to come back to the same place every day, as if he considered it his own home.

Even a green grasshopper is now part of this photo album. Climbing on the wall early in the morning what will she do? Maybe she's just resting from the long night travel?

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