The Saline of Cervia

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The Saline di Cervia is a protected area of Emilia Romagna, Italy, famous for being an area where the so-called "white gold" is produced, that is, salt...
Here, every year, hundreds of flamingos come to spring, finding an ideal place to "stay" in this area.
But Cervia is not only famous for the Saline, but also for the Baths and the sea...

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In this photo, here are the flamingos, almost all with their heads stuck in the water to quench their thirst. It is really true, this area that they use to stop off on the journey between Africa and Northern Europe, puts them at ease. They usually stop here in spring, from mid-May

Bird flight, blue Sky,

The bird's flight over the Saline flats reveals all the beauty of the area. This is an area of animal repopulation and this photo is proof of this.
Freedom, blue sky and all the beauty of nature in a single photo.

Every time I pass here, everything is approaching. It may be because I have some new lenses for my Canon or maybe because, walking along the road I find some way to get closer to the pools and ponds populated by many species of birds.
We are at the beginning of August and today, to avoid the heavy traffic towards the sea, I set the alarm very early!
But it was worth it.
Flamingos and gulls seemed to be waiting for me.
But next time I go to the beach too. Really!

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