The Delta Po Park

Bridge, canal, Delta Po Park,

There is an enchanted place not far from here, where different species of birds go to refresh themselves during migration between Africa and Northern Europe. The Delta Po Park is located between the provinces of Ravenna and Ferrara and the mouth of the Po, one of the most important rivers in Italy.

In this first photo, I am at the Saline di Comacchio. A bridge crosses one of the many canalists in the area, while abandoned houses are falling day after day.

Boat, fishing, sea,
Second photo, road to Marina romea (RA)
Small boats for fishermen moor on the shore waiting for a new day.

Park, houses, landscape

Third photo, Saline di Comacchio
This photo gives a better idea of the beauty of the place. The Po Delta Park is also part of the UNESCO wonders

fishing, sea, landscape, nets

Fourth photo. Those who often go to these areas know how much fun fishing with nets is. The fisherman waits to see the fish and when he sees them pass he lifts the net! They are also very beautiful to photograph, especially at sunset.

The Delta Po Park is so large that maybe I'll still be here trying to discover every corner in 20 years.
But it's always nice to come here a few hours to take pictures of nature and its inhabitants, listening in silence to the sounds of the environment.
Today I missed out on dirt trails and endless campaigns to look for a couple of birdwatching towers from which I wanted to take some nice pictures.
Obviously the road was interrupted earlier this way, I'll be back here in a few weeks, maybe with a more powerful zoom.

Anyway, it is nice to still find some level crossings crossing little inhabited areas of the countryside near the sea. Few trains and the chance to take some pictures of railways that never seem to end.

fishin house on the canal

I know, this article is full of fishing houses with fishing nets but this is the typical characteristic of the area.
Brown water, blue skies and canals neatly filled with fishing houses.
This is the Romagna that not all tourists see.
This is the Po Delta

Gravel roads, countryside, sunny, nature

... and if you don't like the busy streets crowded with cars and other means, then this is, perhaps the one for you.
Sunny and silent gravel roads that run between countryside between one canal and another.
Through nature

Not far from the mouth of the Bevano river, all this seems to be millions of kilometers away from mass tourism. Yet from here many cyclists pass by coming from so many tourist places that, around here, attract millions of tourists every year: Lido di Savio, Cervia, Lido Adriano, etc.
But seagulls, swans, this cormorant and all the inhabitants of the area do not care much, in fact, they let themselves be admired by everyone enjoying the beauty of this perfumed and silent place.

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