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I know. When we imagine Spain and especially Andalusia, we immediately think of Seville, the flamenco, the monuments of this city and how all this can kidnap you and make you fall in love.

I lived here for 6 months in 2016 and I still didn't have my Reflex. On this page I tried to collect the best photos of those days, including something from a couple of trips made at that time. There are no monuments because the web is already full of Andalusian monuments and I certainly don't want to bore you with photos seen elsewhere.

Anyway. The first photo is one of the many beaches of Tarifa in winter. Empty, with no one, because in that area of the city there are above all houses inhabited in high season that remain empty at this time.
The wind is the master these days. No doubt!

Seville, city, Semana Santa, people

Second photo. The quality of the photo is really low but I cannot fail to document one of the most important events in Seville and all of Andalusia: the Semana Santa attracts tourists from all over the world and here, in the area of the city where I lived (Santa Justa) they started the first shows.

Dos Hermanas, place, Church, Andalusia, Spain

Third photo. Like above. The quality is certainly not good but this is the country where I came every day for my scholarship.
You may have gone to Granada by train, but hardly anyone stops here to visit Dos Hermanas, the largest village in the Seville area.
That in the photo is the church of the city, Restored a few years ago. White and typically Spanish style makes this place really wonderful (at least for me)

Boat, sea view, sunset, Faro, Portugal

Fourth photo. Faro, Portugal. The first of my trips away from Spain.
In a cool February I reached by bus the city of the Algarve still asleep and with very few tourists. Among the many photos (almost all taken with a digital camera) I chose this one.

Marocco, Tanger, People, Walking

Fifth photo. Tangier, Morocco.
While I was there, I took a short trip to Morocco. A few photos with a smartphone and a digital camera. The real photographer would need more time and a better camera ... Morocco is truly unique.

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