Lanzarote 2019

Lanzarote, Canary Island, Road, Beach, Sand

You can well see. The quality of the photo is not the same as a Reflex but last February, when I was in this divine place, I still didn't have my Canon with me.
When technology doesn't help you, the places think about making some photos extraordinary. For everything else there are the memories that we keep in our hearts.

Anyway. Here we are along one of the many spectacular roads of the Canarian island. I was traveling towards Orzola and suddenly an endless white beach appeared, made up of small dunes covered with spontaneous vegetation.

Lanzarote, Cacti, Landscape, Canary Island

Second photo (modified with Photoshop Express). Here I have just arrived at the Resort in Puerto del Carmen and the view is really beautiful. While I was driving it was the same but I was worried about keeping an eye on the road.
The cacti in the foreground are the clear sign of the climate of the place, while in the background, villages aside, everything recalls the volcanic origins of this incredible place.

Lanzarote, Timanfaya Park, road, Volcanoes, Canary Issland

Third photo. Here we are in the park of Timanfaya, where the volcanic origins of the island are more evident. The man, building a road that passes in the middle and everything for tourists, has made it visitable and "productive"
If you go in high season, be prepared for long queues!

Beach, road, car, Caleta Famara, Lanzarote, Canary Island

Fourth and last photo (for now). This is my favorite although not the most beautiful probably.
The road to the Caleta de Famara (in the background) and to the right the small car that accompanied me in those days of total freedom.
The most beautiful journeys are those in which long and endless roads bring true days and days of absolute freedom.

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